How can we help your business?

At Trivista Strategies, we're redefining the idea of a lab. Traditionally, labs are spaces designed for scientists to conduct experiments and explore their hypotheses. But we take the idea of a lab and turn it into something for the world of business: a convening to explore challenges and opportunities in a creative and collaborative way.

Our labs are not just events or gatherings, they are carefully designed - using the trivium of divergence, emergence, and convergence - to support you and your team as you navigate the twists and turns of your challenge. 

Imagine a real lab, but instead of scientists in white coats, we have a team of experts in design thinking, strategy, and innovation working alongside you and your colleagues.  You are the experts in your context and content, and we are the experts in a structure and process that draws on your team’s insight and creativity.


These free sessions last 2-3 hours and are an opportunity for you to express your challenge, for us to assess whether we can help you, and for both of us to determine whether there is a two-way fit for us to proceed with the work.

Discovery Labs

These 2- to 3-week inquiries are focused on the challenge or opportunity you're seeking help with. The output is a 1-pager that summarizes the current context and future possibilities.

Facilitated Labs

These range from 1-day workshops with key stakeholders to a series of single- or multi-day workshops to engage a wider range of stakeholders. They are powered by design thinking (a.k.a., human-centered design).

Framing Labs

These formal materials tell the story of your challenge or opportunity. They could take the form of a classic from-to narrative, a custom model or construct that's fit for your context, or other formats that fit your needs.

Teaching Labs

 These 2-day workshops will introduce participants to the discipline of design thinking through LUMA Institute’s Practitioner Program.  It can be tailored for leadership audiences as well as frontline employees.

Labs of Labs

Depending on your needs, we may design an engagement that includes some or all of the above. We believe in working iteratively, chunking up the work according to your needs and budget.

For the Geeks:  What do the words trivia and trivial have to do with a trivium?

The word "trivia" originally comes from the plural of the Latin word "trivium" (meaning "crossroads"), and it refers to a collection of obscure or minor facts. In modern usage, "trivia" is often used to describe a game or competition that tests players' knowledge of obscure or esoteric information.

The word "trivial," on the other hand, refers to something that is of little importance or significance. It can also be used to describe something that is commonplace or unimportant. Unlike "trivia," which specifically refers to collections of obscure facts, "trivial" can refer to any type of information or matter.

Either way, trivia and trivial are key in the design process.  For example, tapping the trivia knowledge of a group may provide interesting insights and considerations drawn in from alternate worlds to enhance creativity (e.g., if you’re designing a new patient experience for a hospital, it’s instructive to look at the guest experience at a 5-star hotel.)

From a systems perspective, something that may initially seem trivial and otherwise insignificant can have a significant impact on the larger system. This is because in complex systems, small changes in one part of the system can have far-reaching and unexpected consequences throughout the rest of the system.  

This is often referred to as the "butterfly effect" in chaos theory, where the flap of a butterfly's wings can eventually cause a tornado on the other side of the world. In a business context, seemingly trivial decisions or actions can have a ripple effect throughout the organization and impact the overall success or failure of the company. 

Therefore, it's important to carefully consider and weigh the potential consequences of even seemingly small things.  Our labs are designed to do just that, making Trivista Strategies a partner that helps clients see the big picture while also paying attention to the details that matter.