how we approach our work?

What’s our main philosophy?

At Trivista Strategies, we're big fans of DEC - and it's not the airport code for Decatur, Illinois USA. It's short for divergence, emergence, and convergence, and it is the essence of design thinking.

Divergence is all about exploring new ideas and possibilities, emergence is where those ideas start to take shape and form, and convergence brings it all together into something amazing. It's like a triathlon for problem solving, and we're here to help you cross the finish line.

Where did we get the idea for trivium?

Like a triathlon, good things come in threes.  Trivium is an ancient concept that emphasizes the importance of balance, well-roundedness, and critical thinking.  In Latin, it literally means "the place where three roads meet."  

From the three foundational subjects of grammar, logic, and rhetoric in education, to the three basic elements of melody, harmony, and rhythm in music, to the three principles of durability, utility, and beauty in architecture, the trivium has proven to be a powerful construct.

The trivium has also appeared in modern frameworks for innovation and design thinking, including the Venn Diagram of desirability, feasibility, and viability from IDEO, and the Minto pyramid for effective communication. 

It is present in religious contexts, such as the concept of the Holy Trinity in Christianity, and in philosophical contexts, where it is used to refer to the three domains of reality: the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. 

The trivium even appears in the structure of the United States government, which is divided into three branches: the executive, legislative, and judicial.

What are our values?

At Trivista Strategies, we believe that the enduring philosophy of the trivium provides a strong foundation for our work, which is rooted in the methodology of design thinking - all in service of helping our clients achieve their goals in a holistic and sustainable way. Alongside our philosophy, our values guide our work:

Being hardworking, with a sense of pride in work

Being gentle, with a sense of humility and generosity

Being gracious, with a sense of dignity and propriety

Being optimistic, with a sense of possibility and impact

For the Geeks:  Where does trivium show up in history and human experience?

Trivista Strategies has a strong philosophical foundation that draws on the idea of the trivium, which has been present in many fields throughout history. By paying homage to the enduring value of this concept, we believe that we can help our clients approach their challenges with a sense of balance, well-roundedness, and critical thinking.